Ever Think of Trying a Taco Truck at Your Next 401k Meeting?

By Terry Morgan, AIF, CPFA
For over 20 years I have always experimented with ways to spice up 401k enrollment and education meetings.  Let's face it. They can be rather dull!  I made up my mind back in spring of 1997 that I did not like the way 401k vendor representatives explained the value of saving to employees!  So, I decided Ok401k would take the lead 
and control and attempt to make these meetings exciting and interesting.  I have provided everything from Panera Bread cookies to sponsoring pizza parties.  Employees need to be motivated.  

Ever try a Taco food truck at your next 401k meeting? Terry Morgan has been serving 401k plans for 22 years.

Enter "Lalo's Taco Chop Shop".  Lalo is your typical hard working small business owner with a food truck in Oklahoma City. Whenever I need a little excitement at my 401k meetings I put a phone call into Lalo!  He has done a tremendous job with his food truck helping me engage employees that may on the sidelines thinking about saving in the 401k.  And, for those employees that are only saving 2 or 3%, we blackmail them with a few Taco's and some compelling arguments on why then need to save just a little bit more.  And, presto!  The Taco gets them every time! We even allow 2nd helpings!    
Lalo has the premier Taco Truck in Oklahoma. Ok401k has been using Lalo and his gang to spice up our 401k meetings

What does your 401k advisor owe

Click on our football girl  in this picture and you will see me in a 60 second video explaining what we think all advisors should be providing their 401k clients.  I call it the "Big 4". If your advisor is not putting some bang and spice in your next 401k meeting?  Call Ok401k and we will bring out Lalo!  We promise to increase participation, increase deferrals and help your employees be better investors!  Your 401k meetings will never be the same

<strong>The Power of Tax Deferred Growth?</strong>

The Power of Tax Deferred Growth?

Many savers don't fully grasp all the advantages of their 401k or IRA.  Check out this simple and quick video that explains the opportunity.  This is an example of our many video topics that we provide ongoing to our many 401k plan clients and their employees.  

Click for a an understanding of the power of tax deferred growth.

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