Its Easy to Improve Your 401k Now WIth Ok401k Without Leaving Your Current Vendor!

Select Terrence Morgan to be your new 401k advisor.

More than likely, we already work with your 401k provider. A simple faxed letter to your 401k vendor appointing Terrence Morgan as your new fiduciary advisor will allow us to start to provide our services immediately to the 401k committee and participants.

Benchmark your 401k plan Investment Expenses.

We benchmark many 401k plans each year for our potential and current clients. Most insurance and mutual fund 401k vendors offer their investment choices at different share classes or with extra layers of wrap (insurance fees) on top of the investments. These fees are negotiable. Your expenses may be higher than what you deserve. This benchmarking comparison can be a great leverage tool to negotiate with your current 401k vendor to lower the investment expenses without leaving them. If your provider will not lower their investment expenses, we suggested a finalist presentation from other 401k vendors that may be able to improve your plan with better funds, more services and lower investment expenses.

Click here now to see what a benchmarking looks like.

Does your 401k plan incur any extra expenses by moving to Ok401k as your new advisor?

No! Our advisory fee may be even lower which may translate into lower expenses for your employees and more services. No matter what, with our disclosed fee and service disclosure, you will know that you have a reasonably priced and compliant fiduciary on your side and exactly what you are your employees are paying!

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