What Your Consultant Owes You In Your 401k?

Is Your 401k advisor providing to you and your employees the "Big 4"?

1. Improve Employee Participation. Let’s face it. If your advisor does not help get your employees motivated into enrolling into the 401k plan, is the plan a benefit?

2. Improve Savings. You need a 401k advisor who will encourage your employees to save more.

3. Improve Quality of Investing. Yes a 401k plan is participant directed but you need an advisor who will assist your 401k plan participants in selecting the right portfolio that fits their feelings about risk and when they are going to retire.

4. Will the Advisor sign on personally as a fiduciary advisor? Many employers don’t know that they have a commissioned broker on their plan who will not or cannot select and monitor on an ongoing basis the investments in the 401k plan.